NEW Formax FD2094/2084 Pressure Sealer.Visit Now!

High-speed folding and sealing of one piece cut sheet or continuous mailers can be achieved with the FD2094/2084.The FD2094 is capable of processing up to 28,000 cut sheet forms per hour through a vacuum feed system which allows for continuous operation.

The FD2084 is a combination of the FD2094 and the FD676 Maxi Burster.This configuration is a capable of separating,folding and sealing continuous pressure seal forms in line.

With a monthly duty cycle of 400,000 forms per month, the FD2094/2084 offer reliable and powerful solutions for processing medium to high volume jobs.

From $760/month lease.

Pressure Seal Checks Starting at $56.00 per 1000

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